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 • Theme Parties for Diwali & Christmas
 Come October, the weather starts whistling about it,  the markets get brighter, the roads more congested,  and there’s a happy feeling that sets in all our hearts,  air whispering, “Diwali is just round the corner”!

 The biggest of all festivals in India, Diwali, is  celebrated every year on the 15th day of the Hindu  month of Kartika, as per the lunar Hindu calendar.  According to the Gregorian calendar, it typically  occurs in October or November.

 Diwali is also known as “Deepawali” or “the festival of lights”.
 Plan your decorations with the theme in mind. Twinkling lights on the venue are very much in  sync with Diwali. Consider adorning the entrance with torans, floating flower petals and  candles in terracotta pots, use bandhani (multi-colored rajasthani) drapes on doors / windows  or a main wall. Twinkling lights on outdoor and indoor plants are sure to add a sparkle to the  atmosphere. Make Rangolis at entrance and also near your prayer place, ‘Mandir’.

 • Celebrate the Holidays with Christmas Party &  Christmas Decorations!
 Whether it's the first day of Christmas or the eighth  day of Christmas, and whether you're hosting a small  family get-together or a big Christmas party for all  the gang, our themed Christmas party supplies and  Christmas decorations put everyone in the holiday  mood. Choose a traditional Christmas party theme, a  fun Christmas snowman pattern for the kids, or mix  and match our Christmas party supplies with solid  color tableware for a custom look.

 Our hanging Christmas decorations, door and window Christmas decorations, Christmas  backgrounds, and tabletop Christmas decorations are carefully selected to complement our  themed party kits, and make it easy to spread the Christmas cheer! Our reindeer car kits,  snowman and snowflake lights, and Christmas snow blankets make it possible to celebrate a  white Christmas, no matter where you live. For the ultimate Christmas statement, try our elf  Christmas costumes, angel Christmas costumes, Santa suits and accessories, and even  Christmas costumes for your dog! They're great for Christmas parades, school plays, or simply  as conversation starters around the house.
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Wedding, Mehndi Functions

 • Wedding Planning, Sweet (Mithai) Boxes For   Parties, Bachelor Party Cards and Themes, Tray   Packings, Car Decor, First Night Decor, Full   Wedding Decor, Mehendi Functions
 Making your special moment an unforgettable  celebration, we provide personalized and innovative  wedding planning. The most recent trend that has  come in fashion to make a wedding ceremony special  is a ’Theme Wedding Concept’.

  Basically, a theme wedding is arranging and execution every aspect of a wedding based on a   particular theme. This trend is new in India but is rapidly gaining popularity and making
  marriages memorable ones.

  We not only provide the wedding day services but also provides an array of pre and post   wedding services such as:
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corporate events

 • Corporate Events, Club Events like Summer   Carnival Games, Picnic Events and Group   Building Games, Treasure Hunts
 Whether you are doing a cocktail party, a workshop  or the company picnic, setting a theme gives the  tone of the event and gives you a starting point  when picking your food, your music, your decor and  more. Make sure that your theme is appropriate to the  crowd for which you are planning.

  Creating Stage, decorating with the theme and making the environment filled with fun &   happiness is the main idea of organizing such events for Corporate companies or families.
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